ABOUT TAISHIBA Taishiba Introduction

Taishiba Introduction


TAISHIBA, the brand was established in 1968 in Taiwan

History & Mission
TAISHIBA early stages policy was cooperated with TOSHIBA advanced superior brand; it was integrated professional technology and highest quality. The mainly product is specialized in the production of No-fuse Circuit Breakers. Our mission is in manufacturing highest standards product and professional technical with stable quality for the development ability of the product that is build reputation of TAISHIBA in the Low-voltage switch field.

The "TAISHIBA Electric" towards the development of overseas markets

TAISHIBA has experienced over 40 years of development, due to the rapid / rise of the ASEAN economies, for the electric industry plans and long-term business development, TAHISIBA has located in Vietnam / Myanmar / Cambodia to serve local market.

The TAISHIBA future goal is providing quality sales and professional service team; the core product that is supplies electrical equipment such as MCCB/ MCB/ RCCB/ Wiring Device/Ventilation Fan/Industrial Plug. We are improving the new image and a variety of TAISHIBA products into the South-East Asia Nation general.

Business Philosophy

Our team insist that

  1. Honest Attitude
  2. work with passion
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Human Resource Management